Google Docs Beginners Tutorial 2020 MP3

Google Docs Beginners Tutorial 2020 MP3

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Title Google Docs Beginners Tutorial 2020
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This is a complete overview of Google Docs with all the later features ready for 2020. Review, learn and find out about some of the key features for Google Docs.

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0:00 Intro
0:28 Create a new File
0:40 Create a file within Google Drive
1:05 Create a new file in the Omnibox with the .new shortcuts
1:16 Name, Star and move your files from within the Editor
1:55 Overview of the interface
2:06 An overview of all the View menu options
3:12 Different modes of working within Google Docs (Editing, Suggesting and View mode)

4:12 Everything about formatting text
4:25 Adding more fonts to Google Docs
5:07 text Styles with titles, headers and paragraph styles
5:35 Add your own formatting to the text styles

6:40 Insert a table of contents (With page numbers for print, or as digital hyperlinked table of contents)

8:00 An overview of the insert menu
8:17 Insert images in different ways(Upload, Drive, Photos, built-in search and Webcam or camera)

9:24 Insert a table

9:27 Insert a Google Drawing (Two ways, Embedded or contained drawing, Interactive linked drawing)

10:35 Insert a graph or chart (Two ways Embedded or linked to a sheets)
11:00 All about headers and footers including some advanced formatting.

11:50 Insert Breaks and Page breaks and see how this affects options for headers and footers
12:10 Hyperlinking or linking words/sentences

12:40 Align and indentation options

13:12 Paint format to quickly copy the formatting to other text.
14:00 All about share settings and collaboration with others
14:30 Email collaborators of the document from within Google Docs

15:07 Email the document as an attachment (different file types)
15:45 Download the file as different file types
16:15 Version history and revision history
16:40 Page settings for Background color, Margins and orientation

17:36 Complete overview of the Tools menu in Google docs
17:43 Spelling and Grammar check
17:54 Word Count and live word count!
18:20 NEW!! Compare documents

19:00 The Explore button!
Do research, Cite your sources, insert links and images + more

19:50 Cite your source using MLA, APA, or Chicago
21:16 Linked objects, where are they and how many am I using?

21:59 Voice typing works great for dictating text, but also works with punctuation!
22:23 Preferences
Use preferences to auto change codes or text into something else!

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