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Slack Integration

This how-to will show you how to do an integration with Slack so you can send foghorn alerts to a slack channel.


Slack You must be a Slack admin to do this integration.
Hrbr Any hrbr user can perform this action.


In the Slack app choose Channels ⨁. Add a channel called foghorns.


You can use an existing channel designed for monitoring alerts, but of course foghorns is the most descriptive.

Then click on your org name to choose the main Slack menu. Select Administration > Manage apps.

From the manager apps screen choose the Build menu option in the upper right corner. Then choose .

You will the be brought to the Slack API screen. From that screen select the .

You will then see the Create App Screen. Give a name to your app and choose the workspace you would like the app to communicate with. Then hit .


You will now be sent to the Basic Info screen for you app. Select the Incoming Webhooks option.

Building Apps for Slack

On the Incoming Webhooks screen turn on Activate Incoming Webhooks if it's not already turned on. Then select at the bottom of the screen.


On the next screen choose the #foghorns channel and select .


And now Slack will have created your webhook url. You will see it at the bottom of the screen where you can directly copy it.



Now proceed back to Select the app you would like to add the Slack Foghorn alert to. Add a new foghorn or edit an existing one. Choose and select Add Slack Response. Then copy your Slack web hook into the Hook URL field and choose the . Your are good to go!